Waiting For The Storm To Pass

I am stuck in a crazy anxiety storm. I’m just hunkering down, waiting for it to pass.

My whole body is jittery and I’ve struggled to fall asleep every night for the past two weeks. We have also had a very chaotic schedule with the school year ending and summer break beginning.

This summer is the first time my youngest will attend a big kids program. She will attend the community program at my work, which is fabulous because I’m right upstairs from her and everything is absolutely free: swim lessons and swim team included! After years of forking over preschool tuition, we are finally free!

But just as she goes to kindergarten this fall, I worry about how she will be cared for. Thankfully her big sister will be by her side, but there will no longer be a loving preschool teacher there to hug her when she falls or help her when the kids are being mean. She is also a little peanut and I worry terribly that she will be forgotten or misunderstood… Oh my mothering heart goes crazy thinking of all the ways things could go wrong; even though it is so unlikely that things will.

I don’t do well with big changes, it takes me a few days to adjust. Meanwhile, I’m doing everything in my power to keep the anxiety at bay, but to no avail! My worry, my nerves, my heart and my brain just won’t stop.

So I guess sometimes I just have to hold on and have faith that this too shell pass…



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