5 Days of Gratitude (Monday)



“Interrupt anxiety with gratitude”

It seems the only way out of a negative-mind-loop is to stop focusing on the bad and refocusing on the good. With that in mind, today I am starting a little project I’m going to call “5 Days of Gratitude.” Each day of this week I will write about gratitude. On Friday I will re-evaluate my level of happiness and anxiety.

Here goes my first challenge!

Today I am grateful for:

  • An almost clean home.
  • My yellow dog, who is laid out sideways with her left her flopped open, giving her the appearance of a Fennec Fox.
  • My job, which allows me to take my kids with me, entertains them, and keeps them healthy and happy.
  • My husband who does his best to make us all happy.
  • Healthy grandparents.
  • Healthy children.
  • The California sun.
  • Yoga, sandy beaches, early morning runs, hills that lead to avocado groves, and cool breezes.
  • For books that hold me captive and take me far away, to places and journeys unknown.
  • For a new week; to start again.

What are you grateful for?


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