5 Days of Gratitude (Day 2)

Today I am grateful for:

For this quiet moment in my sun room, as the birds chirp and the sun shines.

For the quiet hum of the ceiling fan that is drawing me towards our old couch, begging me to take a nap.

For Tuesday, which isn’t Monday.

For one more week before we get to return to the north-east and visit with family.

For the bloggers I’m meeting here.

For coffee.

For mornings when I wake up and my littlest one is snuggled up next to me. And though she has left me with only inches to sleep with, today I just don’t seem to mind one bit.

For my little one, who is still little and hasn’t left her baby years fully behind yet.

For blond hair and freckles.

For friends and friendly faces.

For laughs.

For persistance.

For love.

For my heart that is starting to re-open.



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