5 Days of Gratitude (Day 3)

I am three days into this challenge and I’m already seeing my negativity and stress decrease. I’m also beginning to sleep better again and my anxiety is almost nonexistent. I would say this is working!

Today I am grateful for:

Delicious black beans and rice, left over from last nights dinner

For my husband who made the black beans and rice.

For having a husband who doesn’t mind making dinner.

For friends who get me and make me laugh.

For running, even though I feel slower than a snail lately.

For free yoga and workout videos on youtube, because money and time are two things i’m very short on.

For podcasts which make it easy to explore and open my mind whenever and wherever I want to.

For words. Beautiful, wonderful words which inspire me everyday.

For our lovely pink sunsets that paint the sky in beautiful hues of pink, purple, and red.








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