Slowing Down

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post. Actually, it’s been a bit since I’ve tried posting, to be honest. My family and I took a long vacation at the beginning of the summer. I had intended to keep writing through vacation, but my internet connection was pretty weak and after attempting to write three different posts and watching them vanish, somewhere across the internet, between WordPress and my frozen screen, I gave up and vowed to continue as soon as we returned home…

But that didn’t happen either.

When we returned, I was set on getting the house back in order and tackling projects that had been put aside; and alas my break from writing continued… Until I started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, who reminded me that creativity waits for no one, and if I don’t get my butt back into action, I am going to lose any glimpse of improving my writing skills as well as working through my social anxiety (which is the real reason I started this blog).

So here I am, almost two months later, writing again. And though I regret the long break, I am happy to report that my anxiety is currently at a manageable state. There are still things that throw me off and leave me in a spiral of fear (something to discuss at a later date), but all in all I am currently at a healthy place, mentally.

My anxiety has dropped thanks to the long vacation. I left our every day stresses behind and spent 21 days relaxing and having summer fun with my girls and the people closes to me. Having time with close family, like my parents and brother, has also helped my anxiety subside. Being able to spend time with people who have been with me all my life and love me no matter what, has helped me build my confidence back up. It has even helped me to let go of some on going hang ups I’ve had with people in my life who frequently leave me in a wake of anxiety.


So here’s what I’ve learned (and quite honestly knew all along, but need the obvious reminder):

  • Having quality downtime has reminded how important it is to take a break, especially for an introverted, anxiety ridden, quiet person like me.
  • -Call my family when I’m feeling overwhelmed.


But alas, as this slow summer state begins to come to an end, my dear friend Mr. Anxiety will most likely return. I can already hear him whispering to me as I think about the start of the school year. To avoid this, I will need to enforce breaks and make sure to take time to reach out. The hard part will be remembering to slow down. Sometimes when you’re in the thick of it, you feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel; it’s almost impossible to get off!

So here’s to equalizing work with play, creativity, and some just plain laziness. Their won’t be time again for a nice long vacation until next summer, nor will I see my family until the holidays, so I need to spread these wonderful little bits of vacation through out the year.

I hope I can stick with it!


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Glad to see you’re writing again :). It’s easy to start feeling uninspired, but sometimes all it takes is sitting in front of a blank screen and the words just start to flow out!


    • Yes, It’s just like anything else worth doing. I feel the same way about running and working out sometimes… but as soon as i’m out the door I’ve forgotten how much I told myself I didn’t fell like doing it 🙂


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